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These new AEC-Q200 qualified components are available in 25 V DC / 330 µF and 35 V DC / 270 µF versions. • Long service life of 4000 hours at 125 °C • Very low ESR of ≤20 mΩ • High ripple current capability of 2.8 A
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Fully programmable HMI device with 64x32 pixels By combining the functionality of a graphic programmable LCD display with an electromechanical pushbutton, the NKK SmartDisplay™ is a space-saving, dynamic, multifunction device.
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Bel’s ICMs combine two RJ45 Ethernet ports with magnetics that can safely inject 30 W or 60 W of power • RoHS compliant • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C • UL recognized
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Microchip’s single/dual/quad 80 kHz and 300 kHz op-amps are ideal for harsh, unpredictable operating environments • Industry-leading performance • Ultra-low power consumption while still providing ample bandwidth • Ideal for harsh, unpredictable operating environments
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HARTING’s Han M23 power-hybrid offers a wide range of housings, and the contact inserts are plug-compatible with most other types of M23 round connectors. HARTING’s Han M23 power-hybrid connectors transmit power and signals with high current-carrying capacity of up to 28 A.
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